About VCTT

The first higher vocational college of traffic and transport in Slovenia

Vocational College of Traffic and Transport Maribor is the first higher vocational college for traffic and transport in Slovenia. It currently offers three 2-year study programmes in the areas of logistics, environmental science and economics.

Vocational College of Traffic and Transport Maribor was established in 2002 as a part of Education Centre for Traffic and Transport with a 60-years’ tradition of education and training in the area of traffic and transport in Slovenia.

The study programmes of the Vocational College of Traffic and Transport are set up to meet the needs of the local, national and international economies with approximately 40 % of the curricula devoted to practical training in companies.

We endeavour to be the leading vocational college in the region and constantly develop the quality of our management and study processes and thus contribute to the economic development of the north-eastern Slovenia.

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